Denmarks new supplier of complete packagingconcepts bids welcome.

We have - after 25 years of experince - chosen to found the company Trend Pack ApS, which came to be September 15th 2012, with the intent of selling high quality packaging.

Through the years we have built up a regular circle of clients and distributors, who form the basis of the foundation.

We offer complete concepts and simple solutions, wehter it is large or small tasks, we and our fabricators are ready to supply the optimal help.


Allow us to list some of our skills.


▪      Bags in flexoprint: For the flower-textile-detail-food/nonfood segment, we have distributors in Asia, Turkey, Poland and ofcourse Denmark.


▪      UV Offset: Large format on all plastic materials or other materials if you so desire, we have distributors in Asia, Poland and Denmark.


▪     Print: Simple banners for a wrapping on cars, signs, pyloner, backlit, everything is produced in Denmark and parts of Europe with very short deliverytimes.


▪     Giftboxes: In cardboard, plastic, small stocks, adhesive body assembly, fast delivery.


▪     Christmastree labels: Tyvek with numbers from a danish distibutor and short deliverytimes.


▪      Others: Tape with a logo, shippingbags, displayboxes


▪      Carryingbags: We deliver carryingbags from one of Europes leading producers, who can print even the most complicated jobs.


In short: Allow us to handle your packaging needs.



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